Sending an Order's Gifts to Multiple Addresses


You can have every item in your order shipped to separate addresses by entering in each item's shipping information before adding it to your cart. You can set an item-specific shipping address by checking the box marked "Gift will be shipped to recipient's address" on the item's product page, as seen below:

Check the box labeled "Gift will be shipped to recipient's address" to set item-specific shipping info.

When you check that box, an item-specific shipping address form will appear. Fill out this form with the shipping information for the gift's recipient:

Fill out the form that appears with the item-specific shipping information for the gift recipient.

Below the shipping information, you can set an item-specific gift message as well in the text box below the shipping info:

You can enter a custom gift message to go along with a specific item by filling out the "Custom Gift Message" field.

Once the form looks good, click the "Order & Donate" button to add that item to your cart along with all of its item-specific details. If you're planning on ordering more than one of the same item to send to multiple addresses, just fill out the form with the next recipient's information and click the "Order & Donate" button again as needed. You can review all of your items and their item-specific info from your cart.

Keep in mind that each order you place has a default gift message, entered from your cart, and a default shipping address, entered during checkout. So, if you'd like to set a custom shipping address for an item but keep the default gift message, just leave the "custom gift message" field blank when adding item-specific information.

If all of your items are going to be headed for the same destination, you can skip all of this and just enter the shipping address during the order checkout process!